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House Cleaning

Our team have an abundance of experience,are dedicated and have a work ethic second to none.


Window cleaning

Our dedicated window cleaning team are always on hand to carry out a professional job on low and high rise windows.All Staff are full trained and insured in this high risk environment.


Hotel and Hospitality

We are the leading supplier of fully trained accommodation and housekeeping staff to the hotel sector in the south west.

About Us

Eirpol cleaning was established in 2007 by Sean Hurley and Edyta Baran.

What started out as a small operation in 2007 soon blossomed to the heights that Eirpol Cleaning have reached today,employing full and part time Staff in the munster area.

We pride ourselves on the high standard and knowledge of the cleaning sector having been involved in one way or another since 1990..

Latest News

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